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    Ramen is a philosophy - bringing together five key elements that make something truly wonderful and nourishing to the soul, belly and each individual’s tastebuds.



    • 1. Broth

      Paitan (cloudy) Chintan (clear)

    • 2. Tare

      Shoy (soy flavoured)
      Shio (salt flavoured)
      Miso (fermented soy flavoured

    • 3. Noodles

      Thick & Wavy | Thin & Straight
      Green Veg | Sweet Potato

    • 4. Toppings

      Tamago (seasoned half boiled egg)
      Chashu Chicken or Pork
      Negi (chopped shallots)
      Silken Tofu
      Naruto (fish cake)
      Sweet Corn
      Menma (preserved bamboo shoots)
      Nori (dried seaweed)
      Bean Sprouts (lightly blanched)
      Mushrooms (grilled or pickled)
      Pumpkin (maple sesame roasted)

    • 5. Oil

      Chicken | Pork | Duck
      Black Garlic | Onion Sichuan


    Chopsticks with Ramen
    Ramen Bowl
    Ramen Bowl

    Dietary & Allergen


    Lots of our friends are vegan or vegetarian, need GF options or have other allergies that can make it hard to find a satisfying bowl of ramen for them to enjoy. We continually work hard to do without sacrificing flavour and try to cater to as many needs as possible.

    Vegan Options

    We have a completely vegan ramen option, with wheat noodles, however you can substitute any noodle for the green veg or the sweet potato noodles (which are also gluten free :D) Below is a list of possible allergens to help you decide how to build your bowl:

    Gluten Free Options

    Broth – Our broths are completely GF prior to seasoning, and our vegetable and chicken broths are both vegan to begin with.
    Ramen Seasoning (Tare) – You will need to use shio (salt-based) or miso seasoning.
    Noodles – you can substitute the wheat noodles for either green veg (we have lots of athletic people who prefer this option) or for sweet potato glass noodles.
    Toppings – Most of our proteins (shitake, & chicken) are marinated using soy, but our pork belly chashu and raw tofu are only seasoned with salt.

    Detailed Allergen Information

    Tonkotsu Ramen – Garlic, onion, egg, fish, sesame, soy & wheat
    Chicken Ramen – Garlic, onion, egg, sesame, soy & wheat
    Vego Ramen – Garlic, onion, eggs, sesame, soy & wheat
    Miso Ramen – Garlic, onion, sesame, soy & wheat
    Mazeman – Garlic, onion, eggs, mustard, sesame, soy & wheat

    Steam Buns
    Pork Bun – Garlic, onion, eggs, sesame, soy & wheat
    Chicken Bun – Garlic, onion, eggs, peanuts, sesame, soy & wheat
    Tofu Bun – Eggs, soy & wheat

    Sweetcorn – Celery, milk, sesame
    Karrage – Garlic, onion, eggs, soy & wheat
    Edamame – Soy
    Coleslaw – Fish, sesame, soy & wheat
    Brussels – Mustard, peanuts, sesame

    Flavour Bombs
    Tan Tan – Garlic, onion, peanuts, soy & wheat
    Miso Corn Butter – Milk, soy
    Umami Bomb – Fish, mushrooms
    Green curry – Garlic, onion, soy, sesame