Unfortunately we don’t take bookings.

Broth –Our broths are completely GF prior to seasoning. 

Ramen Seasoning (Tare) –You will need to use shio (salt-based) or miso seasoning.

Noodles –you can substitute the wheat noodles for either green veg (we have lots of athletic people who prefer this option) or for sweet potato noodles.

Toppings  – Unfortunately most of our proteins (shitake, pork & chicken) are marinated using soy, but we have unseasoned tofu and enoki mushrooms.

The noodles do contain egg and dairy.  To make the ramen vegan, you will need to substitute the regular noodles (which contain egg) for the green veg (popular with lots of our athletic guests) or the sweet potato noodles (which are also gluten free :D)

Our vegetarian broth is made primarily of shitake & seaweed and is completely vegan. 

The noodles do contain egg and dairy.