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    Since opening in March 2016, our love of ramen and warming goodness has seen Hai Hai Ramen quickly become a local favourite.

    Travelling through Japan, we learned how many styles exist from region to region, and according to the tastes each individual ramen shop and its chefs. This made us realise that while ramen does have a few rules, it’s the interpretation and adaptation to local climate, ingredients available and of course personal preference that really makes ramen the almost cult-like soul food that it is.

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    We use a lot of traditional ramen practices, but we’re by no means a traditional ramen shop. We employ both ramen chefs and chefs, so we have the freedom to experiment with cooking styles, flavours and techniques from all over the world. We use larger portions of quality pork and grill them to add extra flavour and texture and we’ve been making vegan and vegetarian ramen that is full of flavour since we started. Our ramen is typically a little less salty than some others and is made to customise with the flavour bombs and toppings you like best. We never set out to recreate ramen we’ve had, we set out to create ‘our’ ramen and continue creating ramen that appeals to more people than just the ramen aficionados.

    Our mission is to make ramen accessible for everyone, and our team are dedicated to that mission. We’ll gladly explain our ramen, what goes into it and how you can create the best bowl of ramen you could have according to your tastes.